Marketing that Moves

MAY 2022
For the woman ready to transform her expression into her most potent & high-yielding asset. 

For the visionary ready to simplify the f*ck out of marketing & fill the room for every single offer she creates.

For the CEO ready to learn a repeatable, sexy & fun process for turning her words into wealth and ideas into inheritance

 For the creator ready to package her art as a delicious, irresistible offer that has the world leaning in, eager to buy and savor.

For the icon ready to unlearn fear & scarcity tactics…and unleash her most authentic marketing genius, magnetizing dream clients who shudder yes with their bodies from a place of sovereignty and power.

For the leader brave enough to source the red hot message living under her tongue and speak it boldly, setting legacy into motion through her voice.

A new dawn of Marketing is here.

Welcome to

The truth is…

The online industry is changing at warp speed.

The same old "tried and tested" tactics...straight up aren't working anymore.

The perfect funnel that converted in 2020? Goneski.

Harping on people's pain, insecurity, and feeling of not the vibe.

Because here's the deal:

Your dream clients are smart and emotionally intelligent AF. 

They're leaders who want to move and make decisions from desire, not coercion. 

They’re deeply feeling humans who crave resonance and connection

Most entrepreneurs ask entirely the wrong question when it comes to marketing.

"How can I convert the most amount of people the quickest?"

When really, the multi-million dollar question is this:

How can I turn my expression into a masterpiece? 

How can I infuse every inch of my online presence -- my voice, visuals, and the vision my Company stands for -- with unmistakable originality of She Who Leads a Movement?

When I crossed from multiple 6 to 7 figures…then again from 7 to multiple 7…I realized something:

My multi-7 figure self had birthed a new iteration of me.

She asked me to unearth, embody, and usher something wholly new into the world through my embodied expression.

She asked me to reach into my throat and pull out my truest voice, a voice that drips with sophistication and simplicity.

An expression so attuned it resonates inside my audience’s cells like a gong. Clear. Potent. Magnetic.

The more I attuned to the artistry of my brand, my words, and my relationships with my people through communication, the more people started to show up.

The more we simplified and fine-tuned our marketing strategy, the more COMPELLING and magnetic my work became.

The more hearts and lives I saw changed in my world.

We moved from $100K launches to $750K+ launches.

The more pay-in-full soulmate clients began to appear in my DMs on a weekly basis.

And this EXACT momentum is what's available to you.


Making millions as an online entrepreneur is not rocket science.

A unique utterance of vision, voice, and visuals the world has never seen before.

Original. Unmistakable. Innovative. One-of-a-kind.

She who compels brings forth a sword of truth that makes the room hold its breath and sit on the edge of its seat.

Her offers are delicious, poignant, and irresistible. Her message both familiar and completely innovative. Her branding unique.

THIS is the new dawn of marketing.

Because originals don’t copy: they compel.



Bring it in close, beauty. 

There is no secret that selling your offers online requires a voice, visuals, and vision that not only speaks to your ideal client…but actually SERVES them a powerful result.

The key to marketing that converts (not just once but for repeat sales and high cash months) requires knowing… 

HOW to communicate in a compelling, powerful way that makes people feel and makes them move.
She Who Compels does *not* endlessly scroll on IG, looking around the industry room to seek permission or source inspiration about what she "should say."

She who compels answers to one and one alone — herself.

Her content is not a regurgitation of industry chatter.

Her voice is fresh, an iteration unmatched, because she is channeled, clear, precise.

Her stories, posts, reels, emails, and podcasts are irresistible -- because she's learned the craftswomanship of masterfully leveraging the platforms tools of her trade.

When she speaks, she paves not only a lane but a HIGHWAY all her own, making them lean in and wonder…how does she do it?

Her magnetism is so compelling it’s almost erotic.

Sister, it’s time to create marketing that moves — moves your audience to feel and to act. 

This is how you turn your brand into a movement.

 Inside Compel, you’ll learn my framework for 

writing (think: marketing emails, social posts, sales pages and captions)

 speaking (think: podcast episodes, live videos, stories, and more), and 

creating (think: reels, creative montages, and visual branding) that moves your people to take ACTION. 

“A year ago I was making $1000/month, now I’m making consistent $15K months.”
Hannah Cluley
Business Empowerment Coach 

“I just celebrated my highest month in business, making over $25K+ in sales”
Sabi Kerr
Self Love & Transformational Life Coach 
“I started working with Cait during a slow launch, and as soon as I signed on I completely turned on my launch and ended up with a $52K program and 12 amazing women enrolled!”
Victoria C Lutzhoft
Business Coach

What you get inside:

Me as your coach LIVE for 5 straight weeks. Think: you, me, and a group of other bold-hearted entrepreneurs, inside a private Facebook community for 5 weeks straight. (VALUE $5,000) 

One pre-work module to help you unlearn the marketing BS you’ve previously been taught (VALUE $1,000)

4 LIVE training modules & 4 pre-recorded modules complete with an actionable marketing "play"- book for each module,  filled with tangible practices, tools, and prompts for you to implement. (VALUE $12,000)

One LIVE 90-minute Hot Seat Q&A Coaching Call with Cait ($3000 value)

Bonus Template & Training Library: ($1800 value)



or $1199 for 2 Months
or $611 for 4 Months 

What you learn:

Crafting the Vision & Building Intrigue


Mindset of a Multi-Million Dollar Marketer

Powerful Positioning & OMG Offers


Sexy Storytelling & Captions that Convert

Compelling without Coercion: New Paradigm Marketing 


7-Figure Live Videos 

Profitable Podcasting: How to Leverage Your Podcast as a Sales Funnel


To-the-Bank Branding:  The Visuals 

Marketing Timeline & Tease Drip: The Artistic Strategy & Tactical Flow Behind 3/4 Million Launches

*PLUS* The following bonuses:
BONUS Module: The Non-Gross Way to Share Testimonials & Client Results

BONUS: Sales Page Template

BONUS: Compelling Call to Action Prompt List

“I just celebrated a $50K launch!”
Jennifer Madrid
Business Coach 
I went from $14k in Q1 of 2020 to $145k in Q1 of 2021 and hit my first $70K sales day.
Jackie Simek
Business & Life Coach
“We are celebrating consistent multiple 5-figure months, as well as having our first $52K month!”
Ana Kinkela
Somatic Business Mentor
“I had a successful $500K launch and $1M+ cash year working 15-20 hours a week!”
Jazze Jervis
Business & Leadership Coach 
“With Cait’s help I sold my first 1:1 with a 50K price point and crossed the 1 million euro mark!”
Chiara Digiusto
Business Mentor   
“By the 4th day of the month, I had a $170K+ cash month!”
Elisa Caneli
Wealth & Business Alchemist 

We kick off May 2nd!

Are you ready to create marketing that moves?

Meet Cait

Cait Scudder is a high school teacher turned Forbes-featured multiple 7-figure Business Coach for women entrepreneurs. A TEDx speaker, host of the Born to Rise podcast, and internationally recognized online business expert, as well as a loving wife and mama to (soon to be) two under two. Cait’s mission is to empower ten million driven, bold-hearted women to uncover their zone of genius and use it to create a profitable, purpose-driven business that changes the world. Her work has been featured in Forbes, Fast Company, and Business Insider among several other publications. 

Find her on Instagram @CaitScudder or on her podcast where she shares all things business strategy, energy and sales to help you scale a profitable business.

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